Gluten free Fitness- / Protein Cheesecake for Athletes

Ready baked cheesecake without base dough, enriched with whey protein. Due to the hight protein content it is slightly tighter in texture. Typical taste of quark cheese and lemon with a hint of sourness, medium brown colour. 

This fitness cake gives athletes 17g extra protein per portion.

Ingredients of our Protein Cheesecake

65% quark cheese (medium fat), chicken egg, sweetener xylitol, milk protein, corn starch, natural lemon flavour, salt

May be laxative at excessive consumption.

Attention pet owners: keep away from your dog – xylitol is perilous for dogs!


Protein / Fitness Cheesecake – Gluten free – our quality management!

The Cakees manufacturing unit is not a classic bakery as there we don´t bake bread and rolls and all items with lots of wheat, which already reduces the risk of gluten in the air and on surfaces. For the normal Cakees we use wheat flour only in the dough base, which is much less than the fillings.

Of course we clean all surfaces properly every day, and each Friday after the weeks last production even more thoroughly.

All gluten free cakes are manufactured only on Mondays, after all surfaces have been tested with test stripes for traces of gluten.

Nutrition facts per 100 g:

Calories 162 kcal / 678 kJ
Protein 15,2 g
Total carbohydrate 23,2 g
Out of that sugar 2,8 g
of which polyols 18,3 g
Total fat 4,3 g
Out of that saturated fat 2,5 g
Natrium 0,33 g