Cakees cakes - 100 % Nature – Our Promise to You

There´s a principle which is irrevocable for us Cakees bakers: Delicious cake doesn´t need artificial additives and preservatives. Not even artificial flavours, colours and taste enhancers.  

In all Cakees are solely natural ingredients.

That means in our Clotted Cream Cake with tangerine are clotted cream and tangerine, no cheap replacements!.

The same principle applies of course for all our cakes, for the Poppyseed Cake and Russian Cheesecake. In a proper poppyseed cake has to be poppyseed, sour cream and apple sauce. 

And without quark cheese and cocoa powder it isn´t a Russian Cheesecake. At least not in a Cakee. Promised!