Cakees – the Fitness / Protein Cheesecakes for ambitioned athletes and fitness freaks – gluten free

Finally we have it: The gluten free athletes cake – Cakees Protein Cheesecake – the cake you can enjoy with peace of conscience during or after training. 

With 15% protein, no added sugar and only few carbohydrates this cake has the potential to become the favourite of all sports people.

Sugar free, gluten free fitness cake – protein for the muscles, pleasure fort he soul!

Protein supports selective muscle gain during and after training and can also help to slim down. With the proper amount of protein muscles gain quicker, regenerate quicker, and are even protected against injuries during training.

Besides that protein can support weight reduction by its antikatabol effect. With more training and a calory reduced diet the muscle reduction is less than the fat reduction because of this effect.

But with all sports and training and muscle gain and weight reduction for the perfect body, we all want from time to time something sweet and delicious. For that our protein and sugar free cakes can be a tasty addition. As friends a family eat cakes with sugar, you simply indulge a mouth-watering protein cake.

Support for winter sports - Protein- / Fitness cakes

Also in winter sports can help for better fitness and performance.

There are many products in the market to give your muscles more protein for more gain. Protein bars, protein shakes and special reday meals, the list is long. For the additional portion of protein to gain more muscle and reduce fat one has a huge choice. 

Cakees Fitness- / Protein Cheesecake is different. Because this cake, besides its 16g extra protein per portion, gives you a feeling of reward after an athletic performance.                 Inhaling and exhaling belong together. Just inhaling doesn´t work!

Action, Action, Action .. ist das Motto für viele Sportler und Fitnessbegeisterte. Doch auch die Ruhe und der Genuß sind nach dem Sport oder einem Fitnesstag ebensowichtig wie das Ausamten nach dem Einatmen. 

Action, Action, Action .. is the motto for many athletes and fitness freaks. But relaxing and regalement after training are equally important to exhaling after inhaling. 
Treat yourself with a Cakees Fitness Cheesecake – indulgence fort he soul!

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Cakes with protein for muscle gain – the favourite for all sports people!